Travel News Nuggets


Aman plans to open more hotels and residences in the future. To make this possible, the luxury hotel brand has now secured a mega-investment.

Brand Relaunch

Four Seasons' brand-new rebranding campaign seeks to break new ground with a melodic slogan: "Luxury is Our Love Language."

French Story

Plateau International announces an addition to its portfolio and will represent Boscolo Hotels & Spas in both Nice and Lyon.

Flight Upgrade

Emirates is investing billions to upgrade its cabins, and also aims to improve their in-flight experience in many respects. Here are the details.

Soccer Perks

An incentive for visitors to the World Cup in Qatar: the Hayya Card makes it easier and cheaper for them to travel to other countries in the region.

New Members

The portfolio of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World association continues to grow. You can now book stays for your clients at eight new locations.