Celebrate Life – What the Participants Say

Emily Cai

Onlyluxe Travel · Sydney

Despite having one of the longest journeys to Rome, the general manager of the Australian wholesale luxury travel agency is beaming with energy. At the evening gala, she glows with the same tireless enthusiasm which she and her team bring to their leisure and business travel customers. Ever a stalwart of professionalism, she remarks about how great it is to finally experience again what the international luxury travel industry is all about: "We are all proud of what we are doing, and we share the same passion about luxury travel around the world. And we recognized how important it is to play an active role in this industry and to take part in these events."

Eva Ellström Exclusive Tours · Stockholm

She has long specialized in safari travel and is therefore at home in longhaul destinations, but at the moment the Senior Product Director of the Swedish agency is looking around for more boutique hotels in Europe. The reason: currently, luxury travelers wander far and away only once a year. At Plateau International, she always finds what she is looking for. "I didn't get to speak to all the suppliers at this event, but got to know very interesting ones that I didn't even know about before. We have to find products and experiences for our clients that they wouldn't come up with on their own. And in this festive setting, it all feels like family, everyone is open to sharing information and not remotely thinking about competition."

Dirk Bocklage Vegan Travel · Hannover

Vegan Travel manages to thrive in a niche with specialized knowledge and charters entire ships to offer everything vegan – right down to the bedding and the wine. The most important source market for Dirk Bocklage is the US, only ten percent of his clients come from Germany. "I've been working with Plateau International for a long time and very much enjoy it. Here at this top event I have the chance to fine-tune my complex trips, such as river cruises, with familiar faces and new potential partners worldwide."

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